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Welcome to Homie

Welcome to Homie

About the app

Need is the mother of invention. The best products are those that are designed precisely according to the need that arises at a certain stage of life.

That's how the idea for a home management app came about. There are many products available in the market to manage our professional time. We have apps for projects, for handling payments, for assigning responsibilities to subordinates etc.

However, many of us, in addition to our job responsibilities, have to deal with a second job which is managing the most important team in our lives. Family.

Whether they are friends - roommates, parents with two children or a senior citizen looked after by children and grandchildren.

Our application envisions a broad spectrum of use, and we hope you will be the one to help us make it into the final version.



In one place, you can see everything your household members have planned, but beware - they have to agree to it ;)

A calendar entry is assigned one of three categories - visible only to me, visible to everyone, or restricting the view to selected users such as children. Calendar updates in real time on all devices and is integrated with google calendar.


Plan activities for the whole family

A part of the app mainly dedicated to users attending school, the schedule of lessons, extracurricular activities and all your child's extracurricular activities.

Shopping list

How many times has it happened to you that there is milk to buy - and everyone in the house brings a carton back home? We can't count anymore ;) Our shopping list is visible to everyone in the house at once - if my daughter buys milk on her way home from school - she'll mark it on the list, her parents will get a notification that they don't have to do it anymore. Brilliant in its simplicity!


Healthy, warm meals are a big challenge - planning them will allow you to not only control your family's nutrition but also optimize your household budget.

The app includes a free database of 50 recipes - integrated with a shopping list. You add a recipe to your menu, and the products you need - hop! - jumps to your shopping list.

NewBorn Care

This module of the application, created with a view to those young in seniority but also experienced parents. When a new baby enters your world, things become important that you wouldn't have thought of before. In the application you will find a place where you can record the most important milestones of the child, but also everyday important things - like naps, feedings or doctor's appointments.

Task division/responsibilities/house plan

There are fights going on in every household in the world in this aspect. Who throws out the garbage today and who turned the TV down last week ...) Do you know such situations in your home?

With our app, everyone has clearly assigned tasks to complete.

We configure our home in the app and assign people and responsibilities to rooms. The element of gamification encourages to complete your assignment at an express pace. It especially encourages kids, because who doesn't want to gain, for example, an extra hour on the console?

Rewards are configured by home administrators themselves or chosen from the app's suggested age-appropriate motivators.


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